Kaitlin Roten Photography

Custom Wall Art

I believe the world needs a little more love and appreciation.  It can all start right at home by loving the ones in our lives more.  I think that having your family photos displayed, so that you can see them helps us love and appreciate our loved ones more.  It serves as a visual reminder to us and helps them know they are important in our lives.  

The things we pass down to our family will not be a digital download of family images throughout the years, but it will be these heirloom products that stand the test of time.  

I have found the best practice is to encourage my clients to print out images from their session by giving them ideas of how to use their images.  Before our session, I meet with you and talk about what exactly you want from the session - an album? canvas? prints? 

Your photo session is a special ocassion and the images from it should be treated as so.  You shouldn't be left on your own to figure what to do - I'll be your helper. 



"Forbid that I should refuse my own household the courtsey and politeness which I think is proper to show to strangers. Let charity begin in the household" - John Ballie

Custom Designed Wall Art Galleries

Brittanys Wall Design.jpg

Have you been thinking of adding your family photos to your wall and you just don't know where to start? I have a SUPER easy solution.  Custom design wall arts are only $65.  They include up to 3 spaces in your home with 4-25 photos.  These are photos that I've taken, you've taken, or photos that you have printing rights too. 

Know what your wall art will exactly look like on your wall before you purchase.  Purchase professional grade wall art for your space that will stand the test of time to be great photo legacy pieces for your children.  With the purchase of a wall art gallery you receive your design gallery price back into your gallery pieces!